Live here. Teach here. Love it here.

There are so many reasons to get excited about living in Indianapolis: a thriving arts and culture scene, artisan food, world-class sporting events, walkability, a growing commitment to public transportation, and lots of beautiful, affordable neighborhoods.

It’s all happening in a city with great jobs for teachers where improving education is at the forefront of public policy. Indianapolis is a place where you have the opportunity to find the right school for your teaching style, and lots of chances to engage with other passionate educators.

Plenty to do.

You can always find something exciting going on in Indy. Here are a few places to get you started:

Do 317 is one of the best resources for upcoming concerts, art shows, and local events.

From museums to restaurants to shopping, Visit Indy has everything you need to know about what to do around town.

If you’re looking for a local events schedule that includes lots of fun cultural activities, Downtown Indy, Inc. is the place.

Great Neighborhoods.

Indianapolis is home to many up-and-coming neighborhoods, including the Near East community. There are also lots of neighborhoods where you can buy a great house or find an apartment at an affordable price, including Fountain Square, Mass Ave, Mapleton Fall Creek, Garfield Park, and Broad Ripple.

Easy to get around.

With manageable traffic and lots of different ways to travel, getting around Indy is simple. If you want to walk or bike to work, we have plenty of sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes, and other great options for commuting (which you might consider doing along the beautiful Cultural Trail). We also have the Pacers Bike Share, the BlueIndy electric car share, and the newly-constructed Red Line expansion to IndyGo’s rapid transit bus service. And if you ever need to leave town, we have a world-class international airport.

With so much to get excited about in Indianapolis, how could you not want to teach here?